Thursday, April 28, 2016

Using YouTube App With Voiceover


This content will be presented at the CNIB Calgary iOS User Group meeting on 2016/05/10. It will proceed a discussion of the Best YouTube Channels For Learning iOS With Voiceover. Furthermore, this is a summary of the YouTube app demo that I will give while presenting the YouTube resources. I also recommend that you read the help topics on the YouTube on iOS web page. Though they are written for sighted users, it is still beneficial to read to give you an overview of the features. You might also want to read Using YouTube with a screen reader if you also use YouTube on a desktop computer with a keyboard.
The YouTube app can be downloaded from the App Store. I will use an iPad Air 2 for my demo that runs iOS 9.3. The iPhone YouTube app interface has a few differences but you’ll find the same set of features. The gestures referenced in this article are VoiceOver (VO) gestures.

YouTube Channel Overview

According to the YouTube documentation, a channel provides a single place for a channel owner to organize their video content. It typically includes the following areas:
  • Home: landing page whose layout and content varies
  • Videos: list of public uploads often sorted by most recently added
  • Playlists: groups of videos on a particular theme / topic
  • About: description, contact info, etc.

About Subscribing

In order to subscribe to a YouTube channel, you need to sign in with a Google account. To sign in, go to the Account button at the top, then select Sign In.
Subscribing makes it easy to access the channel because it appears on your Subscriptions list. Another benefit is that new video uploads display on your Subscriptions feed. You do not need to sign in to use some basic features of YouTube such as searching for and viewing videos.

How To Find a YouTube Channel

  • Select Search button on upper right, type search terms
  • By default, search filter is set to All; this can be changed to Channels or Playlists by selecting either of those buttons below the search field
  • If search results list the channel Home page, select it
  • If search results do not list the channel Home page, select a video, then select the channel name in the upper right (on iPhone, located below video player and info area)

How to Subscribe to a Channel

  • If you are on the channel Home page, select the Subscribe button located after the channel name, near the top of the page)
  • If you are playing a video (non-full-screen), select Subscribe button in the upper right (on iPhone, located below video player and info area)

Using the Video Player

If the video player is not in full-screen mode, it displays in the upper left on the iPad; on the iPhone, it always spans the width of the screen in portrait orientation while displaying in full screen mode when in landscape.
The different regions of the player contain these controls:
  • Top: pause and collapse video, add to (watch later / playlist), share, more actions
  • Center: play / pause, previous / next video for playlists
  • Bottom: track position (flick up / down to move forward / back), full screen
Below the video player you will find the info area containing: title, number of views, Expand Description button, Like & Dislike buttons, Comments (iPad only)

Browsing Channel Home Page

  • If you are playing a video (non-full-screen), select channel name at upper right
  • Home page top navigation includes: Home, Videos, Playlists, Channels, About

Browsing a Playlist

If a channel has many videos, it will be easier to find what you are interested in by browsing the playlists. These contain videos on a particular theme or topic.
  • Select Playlist from the channel Home page
  • Flick to review the list of playlists; VO will read the name and number of videos each contains
  • Select a playlist to browse its videos
  • Three finger swipe up / down for page down / up
  • Select Back button at upper left to return to list of playlists