Monday, April 25, 2016

Best iBooks For Learning iOS With Voiceover

Below are four iBooks that I have found helpful in learning about my iPhone and iPad as a VoiceOver user. This content was presented at the CNIB Calgary iOS User Group meeting on 2016/04/12. If you are unfamiliar with the iBooks iOS app, please read my Using iBooks App With Voiceover blog post for an overview.

iOS Device User Guide e.g. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Apple Watch

Author: Apple
Description: Definitive guide to all the features of your iOS device. Read the entire guide, then use as a reference. Always consult the user guide first to understand a feature as Apple has designed it.
Version / Date: always download or update to latest version e.g. 9.3
How to find: search iBooks for the guide for your particular iOS device and version e.g. enter "iPad user guide 9.3" as your search terms (the name will actually be "iPad user guide for iOS 9.3")
Format: EPUB

Zoom In

Author: Luis Perez, Doctorate in Special Education from University of South Florida; "educator, author, presenter and inclusive learning consultant with a passion for accessibility and universal design"
  • "This book will empower you to make the most of your remaining vision with the help of Apple products such as the iPad, the iPhone, the Apple Watch and even the Apple TV. The book addresses three components of accessibility for low vision users of Apple devices: Zoom, VoiceOver and other built-in accessibility features, apps, and accessible content. Anyone with low vision can benefit from step by step tutorials that are supported by more than 25 closed-captioned videos."
  • Chapters include: Built-in Accessibility on iOS and OS X, Apple TV and Apple Watch, Apps, Accessible Content, Accessories
Version / Date: 1.4; January 8, 2016
How to find: search iBooks for "Zoom In"
Format: IBA, 129 pages
Price: This book was free when I purchased it last year but now it is $6.99 CAD.

iPad Tips & Tricks V5: With a focus on Accessibility

Author: Jeanette Davies, Inclusive Technology Support at Catholic Education Office, Wollongong, Australia
  • "Step by step guide for those who are a new iPad user or wish to explore their iPad further. It covers the basics as well as a few little known tips. The iPad has made a big difference to anyone with a disability, so I have devoted a Chapter which explores the Accessibility features of the iPad such as VoiceOver, Switch Control, Guided Access."
  • "Other Chapters focus on the following areas: Keyboard, Safari, Mail, Photos, App Support, Siri, Organisation, Control & Notification Centres, Security, Settings."
Version / Date: 5; January 1, 2016
How to find: Search iBooks for "iPad Tips Tricks Jeanette Davies"
Format: IBA, 125 pages
Price: Free
  • Steps for completing a task are described in two ways: gallery of annotated images on left page, text only on right page
  • Will be beneficial to iPhone users though there will be interface differences
  • Contains video and audio files

iSee: All You Need to Know on Getting Started with Apple Products from a Blind Perspective

Author: David Woodbridge, Senior Adaptive Technology Consultant at Vision Australia
  • "Out of the box, Apple has a commitment to accessibility and have built in so many options and support. Many people don’t know that. There is nothing worse when you get your new Apple device, to have to work out where the ports and buttons are, what they do, how you turn it on, how to activate accessibility, and how (finally) you can possibly start using it."
  • "iSee helps you from a blind persons perspective with all of the above covering the iPod nano, iPod shuffle and the Apple TV, iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad), and OS X (Macs). In addition, you’ll find VoiceOver gestures/keyboard commands, operating system keyboard commands, useful software (apps) and hardware (such as Airplay speakers), considerations for choosing your iOS device, and useful resources."
  • Chapters 3 - 8 focus on the Mac
  • Chapters 9 - 13 (favourite apps) focus on iOS
  • Chapter 14 - Hardware Bits and Pieces
Version / Date: 1.2; December 20, 2013
How to find: Search iBooks for "iSee"
Format: IBA, 199 pages
Price: Free
Comments: not as up-to-date as the other iBooks but worthwhile reading if you have the time.

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