Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Resources For Getting Started With Twitter Using JAWS Screen Reader

There are several excellent resources that can help you learn how to use Twitter if you are a JAWS user.

FSCast on Twitter with JAWS

In this May 30th 2009 podcast from Freedom Scientific, Jonathan Mosen hosts a discussion about the use of Twitter and related third-party applications with JAWS and the PAC Mate Omni™ accessible Pocket PC.  The first 34 minutes of the podcast involves 3 Twitter and Freedom Scientific users explaining what Twitter is and how they use it. Note that there have been some changes to Twitter since this podcast. For example, on the mobile.twitter.com site, the time of the Tweet is a link to the tweet so you can use the tweet's page to reply or mark it as a favorite but you can also do this from your home page; it is also easy to send a direct message on the mobile site. During the final 30 minutes, Jonathan interviews the developers behind Jawter, McTwit, TwInbox  and Accessible Twitter.

Accessible World presents Twitter on Tek Talk

In this June 1st 2009 podcast, Rich Cavallaro spent the first 30 minutes demonstrating the Twitter web interface with JAWS and Internet Explorer. and discussing some third-party Twitter clients. The demo covered how to sign in, follow people, send different types of messages, and modify settings. The remaining 28 minutes consists of questions and comments from participants of this Accessible World Tek Talk podcast. Note that there have been some changes to Twitter since this podcast. The main message edit box is now labeled, "What's happening?", the term "Tweet" is used rather than "Update", and some settings have been modified.

Twitter From A Blindness Perspective

In this 51 minute podcast, Erin Edgar uses JAWS and Mozilla Firefox to demonstrate how to: create a Twitter account, setup your profile, post updates, find people to follow and read their updates. She then discusses Twitter conventions and various third-party applications including Accessible Twitter. Since Erin posted the podcast to BlindCoolTech.com on May 21st 2009, Twitter has undergone some interface and terminology changes. For example, the CAPTCHA now appears in a dialog box when the Create my account button is pressed on the Sign Up page (making it even more challenging to complete via the keyboard!). At the end of her podcast, Erin demonstrates the difficulties she had with the audio CAPTCHA which lead her to use the WebVisum Firefox extension to complete it during the account creation demo.

An Introduction to Social Networking

On April 19th 2010, Anna Dresner discussed the differences between Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and when you might use each. This is a 53 minute Accessible World Tek Talk podcast.

Social Networking Privacy Options

This article by Marc Grossman of the American Foundation For The Blind discusses privacy settings available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It was published in the August 2010 issue of AccessWorld.

An .eduGuru Blog Posting About Accessible Twitter

On Feb 16th 2009, Nick DeNardis described some of the accessibility issues with Twitter.com and how Accessible Twitter resolves these. For more information, read the features page on the Accessible Twitter web site.

My Blog Postings About Using Twitter With JAWS

I have written the following three blog posts on this topic:

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