Monday, August 9, 2010

Editing Olympus DS-30/40/50 Digital Voice Recordings

A visually impaired client who owns an Olympus DS-40 digital voice recorder (DVR) wants to be able to edit an existing recording directly on the DVR.  Many DVRs allow you to add to the end of a recording or overwrite from a particular point in the recording.  This Olympus model does not -- each time you stop recording you have no option but to create a new file. However, if you upgrade your DSS Player software to the Plus version, you will have the ability to split and join files. The join feature will allow you to create a single file from multiple. The split feature could be used to remove a section of a recording that you don't want (by splitting the file into two).
Another option is to use audio editing software such as Audacity to edit your files but there are several reasons why upgrading to the Plus version of DSS Player might be better. First, it is relatively inexpensive ($10 US). Second, you won't have to learn a new application (though there are instructions for using Audacity with JAWS). Third, Audacity doesn't accept the WMA file format used by the Olympus (unless you download and install the FFmpeg library) so you have an additional step in using another program to perform that conversion.
So I recommended that my client continue to use her Olympus recorder (because at the time it was the only model with the voice output feature), upgrade to the Plus version of DSS Player and learn how to use the join and split features in that software. See pages 130-133 of the Olympus DS-30/40/50 Instruction Manual for details on how to join and split files.

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